BMW Group Australia, RMIT and University of Melbourne proudly present the fourth edition of #YourMelbourne, a future-focused sandbox where you can imagine, research, design, and present your vision of Melbourne in the year 2030, in line with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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BMW and your Melbourne
BMW and your Melbourne


From a vibrant CBD to sprawling suburbs each filled with unique character, Melbourne presents a unique challenge for the future mobility designers. How will technology change the way we work and live? How will this beautiful city survive and thrive into the future? We’ve asked the question; now it is your turn to put your creative spirit to the test.

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BMW and your Melbourne
BMW and your Melbourne


Submissions for YourMelbourne are now closed. Thank you for participating!

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BMW Group is committed to sustainability that extends throughout the company’s entire value chain. Our claim: The greenest electric car in the world will be produced by BMW.

This objective centres on reducing lifecycle CO2 emissions per vehicle by at least a third by 2030 compared with 2019 levels. The strategy includes cuts to CO2 emissions by at least 80 per cent in production, 40 per cent in the use phase and at least 20 per cent in the supply chain.

The aluminium in our cars is made using the power of the sun.

Our batteries see second lives as storage units for hydro-electric energy after their time in our cars.

We are the only car company committed to this circular approach to resources – and our pledge is to avoid rather than offset emissions altogether.

Find out more about BMW Group’s global sustainability efforts here.

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BMW and your Melbourne
BMW and your Melbourne


Congratulations to the individuals and group teams for their impressive submissions.


All entries not only aligned with fulfilling the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, but they also demonstrated strong creativity and innovative thinking for sustainable mobility for Melbourne in 2030. To view the winning entries, please click on the links below.

Individual Winners

1st Prize Ashlesha Balyan

2nd Prize Abhijeet Singh

3rd Prize Jessica Yang

Group Winners

1st Prize Bryan Jonathan, Iga Wardhana and Alisna Yanni

2nd Prize Do My Linh and Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc

3rd Prize Georgina Nolan and Hamish Middleton

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  • I am an offshore student studying with RMIT or University of Melbourne. Can I still take part in the competition?
  • Should I join as a team or as an individual?
  • Can students team up with professors?
  • Who will own the intellectual property rights of the project?
  • Has the issue of indigenous sovereignty been addressed? Do we need to consult with indigenous communities before starting the project?
  • Is the project only concerned with mobility in the Melbourne CBD? Should we also consider trafficways such as routes into and out of the city into suburbs?
  • Throughout the process, if I have any questions, how can I get help?
  • If my submission file is larger than 15MB, how can I send it to BMW Group Australia?
  • Will there be participation certificates for all teams/individuals that submit entries?
  • How do I know if I / my team has won?
  • Who can attend the award ceremony?
  • If an offshore student makes it into the final round of the competition, how can they present?