BMW 3 Series Saloon



No other car brand has more integrated connectivity and telemetry than BMW.

Advanced driver assistance systems constantly keep the car in touch with the world around it, allowing you and your passengers to enjoy each and every drive.

Featured as standard in the BMW VISION NEXT 100 are some of our most advanced and innovative technologies, many of which are currently available and on the road today.



Instant access to information means that our world is becoming more connected. Today, BMW ConnectedDrive Services enhance those connections by keeping vehicles, drivers and the outside world intelligently linked at any given time and place.

BMW ConnectedDrive Services feature as standard in the BMW VISION NEXT 100, effortlessly giving drivers and passengers access to a wide range of information, entertainment and services whilst on the road.

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BMW Emergency Call




The information you need, right in front of your eyes. Our full colour BMW Head-up Display projects important driving information such as speed limits, the fuel gauge and radio stations onto the windscreen of the vehicle. And because the information is projected directly in the driver's field of vision, it keeps attention focused where it belongs - on the road ahead.

The brightness of the projection automatically adjusts to match exterior light conditions for optimum visibility, day or night. Additional information to be shown in the display can be chosen from the Drive Assist systems.

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BMW Connected App.

Your personal travel assistant.

BMW Connected makes every journey simple, enabling you to reach your destination relaxed and on time. With the app downloaded via the Apple App Store, BMW Connected networks between the vehicle, your iPhone, and the outside world.

Destinations that have been found on the web or on your smartphone via apps such as Yelp, Apple Maps or Google Maps can be easily, seamlessly and conveniently transferred to the vehicle. Meetings, including intended arrival times, saved in the user’s smartphone calendar, are automatically imported into BMW Connected. A recommended departure time, based on current traffic conditions is calculated and displayed on your iPhone or Apple Watch to ensure you arrive at your next scheduled destination on time.

On arrival, users can use their iPhone or a connected Apple Watch to be guided from their parked car to their final destination on foot.

The Remote Services option in the BMW Connected App also allows various vehicle-related functions, such as locking and unlocking the car, to be operated remotely. Vehicle information, such as range or the status of the windows and doors can also be accessed. And if you own a BMW i or iPerformance model the programmable air conditioning and charging timer can ensure the vehicle is fully charged and at a perfect temperature before you leave your home.



At speeds above 43mph, BMW Lane Departure Warning technology detects lane markings ahead, up to a distance of 50m. If the indicators haven't been activated, it alerts the driver to a potentially unintentional lane change via a gentle vibration of the steering wheel. This happens as soon as the car goes over the lane markings, giving the driver plenty of time to react. If the indicators have been activated and the driver is intentionally changing lanes, no warning occurs.

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Saving destinations manually is no longer necessary. The BMW Connected App learns to recognise frequent destinations and provides the option of automatically saving them in the system. These destinations can be seamlessly imported into the car’s integrated navigation system with a single click.

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BMW 3 Series

Adaptive Suspension.

Drive your way.

BMW Adaptive Suspension gives the vehicle different driving characteristics, depending on your mood. It sits the car ten millimeters lower on the road (not all models), and makes it possible to adjust the car’s handling characteristics while driving – from comfortable to extremely athletic. Whichever setting you choose, the Adaptive Suspension's electrically controlled dampers calibrate to suit the road conditions in a fraction of a second.

The system also measures any wheel vibrations and the vehicle’s speed to provide the optimum damping level and maintain vehicle safety. In COMFORT mode, damper movement absorbs bumps for relaxed travelling. SPORT mode stiffens the dampers, creating a more athletic suspension response with noticeably tighter damper settings, while SPORT+ mode takes this further by activating Dynamic Traction Control.

Dynamic Traction Control allows more wheel-slip on the drive wheels, for athletic driving that pushes the limits of the car's dynamics. However, the car’s Dynamic Stability Control function isn't completely disabled; rather it intervenes much later in order to stabilise the vehicle, should it detect a loss of control.

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BMW Active Cruise Control in the BMW 4 Series Coupé



BMW’s Active Cruise Control with 'Stop&Go' function increases safety and makes driving in dense traffic much less stressful. In action, the system constantly measures the distance to the vehicle in front and maintains a preselected distance.

The 'Stop&Go' function not only automatically regulates speed down to a standstill, but also automatically accelerates back up to the desired speed, as soon as traffic flow allows. If the vehicle ahead brakes suddenly, the vehicle responds immediately: the first warning is a visual signal, while the second warning – which is triggered if there’s no reaction to the first – alerts the driver via an acoustic signal. If the driver still has not applied the brakes, the system triggers the brakes itself, down to a stop, if necessary.

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BMW Laser Lights



BMW Laserlight illuminates up to 600 metres ahead of the vehicle, nearly twice as far as that of conventional headlights. The headlights include LED technology for enhanced light intensity and wide illumination, and laser technology for greater intensity when using high-beam at higher speeds.

The light intensity of BMW Laserlight is substantially higher than that of conventional light sources and includes a number of technologies designed to make night driving safer: Adaptive headlights shine far into bends as soon as the wheel is turned, while BMW Selective Beam monitors the presence of vehicles in front or oncoming traffic and adjusts the high-beam lights to avoid dazzling other road users. BMW Laserlight also includes LED parking lights, LED daytime running lights, LED indicators and LED cornering lights.

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BMW Night Vision



Driving at night can be tricky, especially where there’s likelihood of people or animals in the road. BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot detects people and large animals up to 300m away, and selectively illuminates them. It works using a thermal image camera discreetly located in the radiator grille that relays images of the road ahead onto the Control Display.

As soon as the system detects pedestrians or larger animals in the dark on collision course with the car, it directs two separately controlled Dynamic Light Spots at them. There’s no unpleasant glare and both the driver and the person involved get a highly effective warning of the potential risk situation.

The system also calculates whether the identified objects pose an actual risk by evaluating the vehicle’s speed and direction. In the event of acute danger, a flashing red icon is displayed in the instrument display and in the BMW Head-Up Display (if fitted). An acoustic alarm also sounds and the brakes are primed for optimum readiness. This warning system activates automatically when the vehicle is started, so if danger threatens, the system emits a warning even if the imaging display has not been activated.

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BMW Lane Assist



Designed to support the driver in monotonous traffic situations, the Steering and lane control assistant, including the Traffic jam assistant, make difficult driving situations safer.  Between 0 and 130mph (where permitted), the system steers the vehicle automatically and always keeps the vehicle in the middle of the lane.

This cutting-edge steering function uses multiple area surveillance radar systems and a stereo camera to position itself using the edge-of-lane markers and the vehicle in front, if there is one. In heavy traffic it automatically maintains the desired distance from the vehicle ahead and regulates the car's speed down to a standstill, as well as providing active steering support.

Although the system is capable of driving the vehicle independently, the driver is still legally required to drive with both hands on the wheel. Sensors recognise when the driver is no longer complying with this requirement, and warn acoustically before entering stand-by mode. Stand-by mode is also triggered if the indicator is activated for changing lanes or if the system requirements are no longer met, e.g. the lane is too narrow.

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BMW 1 Series with Predictive Shifting

Predictive Shifts.

Always in the right gear.

Satellite navigation technology recognises when you’re approaching a bend and automatically downshifts. Once through the bend’s apex it shifts back up again. This creates a smoother, more fuel-efficient drive.

Perfectly-timed gear shifts, particularly in urban traffic and over long distances, can further add to fuel efficiency. The engine’s electronics identify the most efficient gear, based on road conditions and engine speed, and display an indication when it’s best to change up or down.

The system also recognises when you are accelerating fast, so will delay its recommendation accordingly. Comparative tests have shown that vehicles with the Optimum Shift Indicator use around 4% less fuel.

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