Drive with peace of mind at your side.



During every journey you can rely on the comprehensive range of safety devices in your BMW.


Always looking out for you.


If an airbag is deployed, Intelligent Emergency Call automatically contacts the BMW ConnectedDrive Call Centre via an accident-proof telephone unit permanently installed in your vehicle – independently of your own mobile phone, both at home and abroad. Specially trained personnel will then establish contact with you, inform the emergency services and give you support by telephone


To enable rescue services to promptly prepare the required care for those involved in the accident, a data transfer is performed and includes the precise position of the vehicle to the nearest metre in addition to other data relevant for the rescue services, such as risk of injury, number of passengers, model and colour of the vehicle. The emergency call can also be triggered manually, if you need assistance for other road users.


A safety shield when you need it most.


In a critical situation, Active Protection tightens seat belts, places the seats upright, and even closes the windows. To try to prevent an accident in the first place, the Attentiveness assistant recommends driving breaks if fatigue symptoms are detected.



Reveal the darkest roads.



BMW Night Vision detects pedestrians in the dark even from long distances — and selectively illuminates them. The light warns drivers of a potentially hazardous situation, ensuring a safer driving experience.


Safer driving.


Your BMW looks after you. When a vehicle is in your blind spot, the Lane Change Warning notifies you to correct the situation. If there is already a vehicle in the neighbouring lane, radar sensors warn you by means of a symbol in the exterior mirror. If you then operate the indicator, the steering wheel vibrates and the symbol flashes up.

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