Welcome to the BMW Vehicle Pre-Order Program (Pre-Order Program). Before you pre-order your vehicle, please carefully review these Terms and Conditions.


BMW Australia Ltd ABN 11 004 675 129 (BMW) offers you a unique opportunity to be among the first to pre-order a BMW vehicle from an authorized, participating BMW dealer (Dealer). By completing the Pre-Order Process, you will be pre-ordering a BMW vehicle from the Dealer with model year and options to be confirmed later at the time of contract signing noting that any order is at all times subject to availability and production restrictions. The vehicle you pre-order is referred to as the "Vehicle".





In order to complete the Pre-Order Process, you will be required to: 

a)  accept these Terms and Conditions by clicking on checkbox as displayed;

b)  select a participating Dealer from which to pre-order the Vehicle;

c)  place a pre-order with the Dealer by completing all mandatory fields on the online application and submitting to BMW and the Dealer; and

d)  pay a refundable deposit of $1,000 (Pre-Order Deposit) to the Dealer via the online process.





  • The Pre-Order Program is not a vehicle purchase or a legally binding order with the Dealer. To purchase the Vehicle you will be required to separately enter into a contract of sale with the Dealer including final transaction pricing and trade-in if relevant, arrange any necessary financing and complete your purchase through the Dealer. 
  • Your Pre-order secures your approximate priority to purchase the Vehicle. Participation in the Pre-Order Program does not guarantee you a vehicle delivery or priority relative to all other customers in all cases.
  • Your Pre-order does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle. Please be aware that the Dealer sets the actual selling price for the Vehicle which may differ from dealer to dealer and differ from the Manufacturer’s Recommended Drive Away Price.
  • The Pre-Order Program does not require you to complete a vehicle purchase from the Dealer. If you change your mind before contract signing with the Dealer, you may cancel your Pre-order by following the process outlined below under the "PRE-ORDER CANCELLATIONS" section.
  • This Pre-Order Program is designed to allow you to pre-order the Vehicle.  After you place your Pre-order request, the Dealer will contact you to configure the Vehicle. Please note that vehicle option availability may be subject to change. Model year, paint color and other options are not guaranteed and are subject to production or sales restrictions. 
  • Once you complete the on-line Pre-Order Process you will receive a “Confirmation ID”. The Dealer will then contact you to complete your vehicle purchase including configuration of the Vehicle, negotiation of the price and contract signature. Your place in line will be tied to the Dealer.





a)  The Pre-Order Program is available to businesses or corporate entities and individuals residing in Australia who are 18 years of age or older.

b)  Vehicles must be purchased from and delivered through an authorized, participating BMW dealer in Australia.

c)  Only one pre-order per customer is permitted and a maximum of two per household is permitted.  A Pre-order may be transferred within a household provided you can provide adequate proof, as determined by BMW in its sole discretion, that the Pre-order holder and the transferee are part of the same household.

d)  If BMW determines that a Pre-order has been placed by a non-eligible person or entity, then BMW reserves the right to cancel the Pre-order and the person or entity will lose their priority to purchase the Vehicle.





You may cancel the Pre-order at any time prior to contract signing with the Dealer by notifying the Dealer in writing. Upon properly cancelling the Pre-order, the Dealer will refund the Pre-Order
Deposit.  Please note that all cancellations are final and you lose your priority to purchase the Vehicle once the Pre-order is cancelled.





When you submit Pre-order, BMW collects your personal information from you directly, to contact you and respond to your query and to process your Pre-order request.  If you do not provide or BMW cannot otherwise collect all the information we request or need, BMW or the Dealer may not be able to respond to the request submitted online or process your Pre-order request.


BMW may share your personal information with parties in the BMW Group of companies (including BMW Australia Finance Limited), authorised BMW dealers or other third parties associated with us, such as our service providers. These third parties may be located outside Australia, including in Germany and the United States of America.


We may use your contact details to send you (by telephone, post, email or SMS) marketing communications about products, services, offers, promotions and events. You can opt out of marketing communications at any time by calling us on 1800 813 299 or emailing us at


Our privacy policy, which is available at or by calling 1800 813 299, includes our contact details, explains more about the types of personal information we usually collect and how we handle your personal information as well as how you can seek access to and correction of your personal information, how to make a privacy complaint and how we deal with these complaints.





BMW at its sole discretion at any time for any reason, reserves the right to cancel or change the Pre-Order Program and may cancel any outstanding Pre-orders.   If you have additional questions regarding the Pre-Order Program, please contact BMW Customer Service at 1800 813 299.

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