BMW Connected.

With BMW Connected your smartphone and your vehicle become one. Like a personal assistant, BMW Connected gets to know you better, bringing you even more driving pleasure for the future. Sometimes life can be so easy.
BMW Connected

BMW Connected is a personal mobility assistant that eases everyday mobility and helps you reach your destination relaxed and on time. Mobility-relevant information such as the ideal departure time is available remotely via an iPhone or Apple Watch and can be seamlessly transferred into the car. The BMW Connected App can be downloaded on the App Store.

BMW Connected send to car.

Destinations that have been found on the web or on smartphone apps such as Yelp, Apple Maps or Google Maps can be easily, seamlessly and conveniently transferred to the vehicle. Meetings, including intended arrival times, saved in the user’s smartphone calendar are automatically imported into BMW Connected. A recommended departure time, based on current traffic conditions is calculated. It takes a single click to conveniently import a selected destination in the vehicle’s integrated navigation system.

Time-to-leave notification.

BMW Connected will inform users of recommended departure times via iPhone or Apple Watch to ensure they arrive at their next scheduled destination on time. The system calculates recommended departure times based on current vehicle location and real-time traffic data.

Door-to-door navigation.

Get to your appointments relaxed and on time – with the BMW Connected App Door-to-door navigation. On arrival, users can use their iPhone or a connected Apple watch to be guided from their parked car to their final destination on foot.

Personal learned destinations.

The BMW Connected App learns to recognise frequent destinations based on driving patterns and provides drivers with the option of automatically saving them in the system. Saving destinations manually is no longer necessary. These destinations can be seamlessly imported into the car’s integrated navigation system with a single click.

Remote Services.

The Remote Services option in the BMW Connected App (available in the Apple App Store) allows various vehicle-related functions, such as locking and unlocking the car, can be operated remotely. It also offers the opportunity to access vehicle information, such as range or the status of the windows and doors. The programmable air conditioning and charging timer can ensure, for example, that the BMW i or iPerformance vehicle is fully charged and at a perfect temperature before you leave the house.

This package is completed with the display of the vehicle’s current location. The vehicle’s location can also be indicated by flashing the lights, or via a map in the BMW Connected App. To use this feature, customers simply need to activate Remote Services once in the BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal at