POPULAR saloon

Owning a BMW Saloon brings a host of driving pleasures but prospective buyers should always ask questions...

General questions.

It is a medium to large sized, 5-door (1 driver, 3 passenger, 1 boot) on-road car. Perfect for family, business and sport usage.

No. Sedan is the American term for a Saloon. They are different words used to describe the same body shape.

It’s a car designed for on-road use, to get passengers and their luggage from one point to another. It has three defined sections: front engine, middle passenger and rear boot compartment. These sections set a Saloon apart from a Coupé, for example.

Traditionally, completely closed cars were called saloons, as many cars of old were open or soft top. The word ‘saloon’ comes from early 18th century French word salon meaning drawing room, from Italian salone ‘large hall’ a derivative of sala ‘hall’. Which is fitting, as a saloon car is a large, enclosed, comfort-orientated car. 

They have plenty of space for family and friends, sporty aesthetics, practicality and excellent fuel economy.


Yes all seats are full-sized, apart from the rear-middle seat in some cases.

Saloon cars in Europe rarely exceed 4.7 metres.

With 530 litres of boot space, the BMW 5 Series Saloon has the most. The BMW 7 Series Saloon has 515 litres of boot space, while the BMW 3 Series Saloon has 480 litres of boot space.

Running cost questions.

The BMW 3 Series Saloon has a combined rating of 36.7 - 148.7mpg, the BMW 5 Series Saloon has a combined rating of 39.2 - 141.2mpg and the BMW 7 Series Saloon has a combined rating of 34.9 - 134.5mpg.