BMW 5 Series Touring


BMW TwinPower Turbo engines and BMW EfficientDynamics.

Rewarding the driver is at the heart of everything we do. But not just by providing a drive like no other. Bigger gaps between visits to fuel stations raise a smile, while low CO2 emissions mean Vehicle Exercise Duty (VED) rates are pleasingly low. And business customers will appreciate Benefit in Kind (BIK) rates that are among the best in class. 

EfficientDynamics - Auto Start-Stop on the display control


The BMW 3 and 5 Series Touring both feature BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, units that are characterised by high power output with remarkable fuel efficiency and low emissions. The BMW 3 Series Touring has both petrol and diesel engines throughout the range – the entry point petrol engine develops 136hp yet returns 48.7 – 51.4mpg, with CO2 emissions of 129 – 134g/km (with an automatic gearbox). The corresponding diesel delivers 116hp with 61.4 – 64.2mpg and CO2 emissions of 116 – 120g/km. Both have a BIK rate of 23%.

The larger BMW 5 Series Touring also has diesel and petrol engines throughout the range, starting with a 184hp petrol engine that returns 42.2 – 44.8mpg with CO2 emissions of 147 – 157g/km (with an automatic gearbox.) The 150hp diesel returns 57.6 – 62.8mpg and CO2 emissions of 122 – 132g/km. BIK rates start at 23% for the 520d.

Both models are fitted with Drive Performance Control, which offers the driver the choice between COMFORT mode, which is the standard engine and transmission settings, ECO PRO mode, which is geared towards greater efficiency, and SPORT mode, which sharpens all the settings for dynamic driving. When ECO PRO mode has been selected, accelerator and transmission characteristics are adapted to maximise efficiency, as are the heating/air conditioning settings.

It’s not just engines - BMW EfficientDynamics also contributes to the efficiency of both models. Numerous aerodynamic enhancements reduce air resistance, while clever touches like Auto Start-Stop and brake energy regeneration all help to make every drop of fuel go further. 

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BMW undergoing crash test


All BMW models have safety at their core. Advanced engineering and attention to material selection means using the right material in the right place, so reducing the weight of components for outstanding stiffness in the bodyshell and excellent passive safety. A car that is more responsive to the driver’s actions is a car that can stop faster and avoid accidents in the first place.

All BMW vehicles have switchgear where the driver would expect to find it, with the hand falling naturally on the right button, so the driver doesn’t have to take their eyes off the road. The dashboard is clear with all screens angled into the driver’s line of sight, again to minimise time spent looking away from the road. BMW’s iDrive interface is intuitive to use with key instructions appearing on the dashboard. Naturally, its display can be tailored to the driver’s preferences, making at-a-glance viewing both informative and intuitive.

There are also other safety systems that feature on every BMW: tyre pressure monitor and BMW Emergency Call. The tyre pressure monitor is capable of displaying both slow and rapid loss of air pressure, with the driver alerted to any problems in real-time. BMW Emergency Call uses a SIM card built into the car to call for help in the event of an accident, triggered automatically by the deployment of an airbag. In less serious situations, pressing the SOS buttons guarantees fast, targeted assistance, as well as support from trained staff in the driver's native language.