BMW i3




At BMW we’ve made a conscious decision to use range figures that reflect what is achievable in real day-to-day use. So when we say that the BMW i3 has a range of up-to 125 miles, that’s what you can expect. 

BMW i3 dashboard


The range of the all-electric BMW i3 is influenced by a number of things: your personal driving style, the outside temperature, the terrain your route covers, driving mode, and the use of auxiliary systems, such as air-conditioning, heating systems, and so forth. 

So we’ve incorporated a reliable system in the BMW i3 that continuously analyses all the factors crucial for an exact range calculation, at any time. And if your destination is outside the vehicle’s range, all of the public charging stations within range are displayed on the BMW i3’s navigation screen.

BMW i3 cut away and battery pack

Savings and Servicing.

As well as saving on a cost per mile basis compared to traditional petrol or diesel vehicles, there are further real-world advantages to owning a BMW i3. As well as a drive that’s pure BMW, the BMW i3 is exempt from vehicle tax. And if you travel into London, it’s also exempt from the Congestion Charge. 

The BMW i3 is built like no other electric vehicle. The batteries are guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles, and the car itself has a three year, unlimited mileage warranty. Servicing intervals are dictated by the car itself, but with no combustion engine there are no air filters, oil or oil filters to change, and when the car indicates that it needs a service, it’s often limited to new wiper blades and windscreen washer fluid top ups.

The BMW i8 has a similar warranty, with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty covering the vehicle and an eight-year /100,000-mile warranty covering the battery.