At BMW Financial Services, we pride ourselves on ensuring that theloan you enter into is suitable for you. To help us get you into yournext vehicle as soon as possible we require the following documentsfrom you to verify your current personal and financial situation.

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  • What is your residency status?

    Australian Citizens/Permanent Residents

    • Current Driver Licence

    • Current Medicare Card

    Visa holders

    • Current Passport

    • Current Australian Visa

  • Are you employed?

    We will need:

    • Your most recent payslip with your monthly income and year to date (YTD) income noted.

    Payslip must show YTD income of at least the last 3 months.

  • Are you self employed?

    We will need:

    • Your most recent Tax Return

    • In absence of the above we will require a current letter from your accountant confirming income details for the last two financial years. Inclusive of your current income derived

  • Are you casually employed?

    We will need:

    • Your most recent Tax Return

    • Your most recent payslip with your monthly income and YTD income noted

    Payslip must show YTD income of at least the last 3 months.

  • Other income?


    • Proof of rental income (e.g. lease agreement, real estate statement, etc.)

    Self-Funded Retiree

    • Superannuation statement


We may require you to verify your General Living Expenses. You will only need to provide the below information if requested by your Business Manager.

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  • 3 month's worth of Bank Statements.

    • Main transaction account

    • Account in your name

    • BSB & account number

    • Current balance

    • Dated within last 6 weeks

    Bank Statements can be retrieved immediately from BankStatements.com.au and sent directly to your Business Manager.

    Visit: www.BankStatements.com.au


If you own any assets, we may require evidence to verify your situation.

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  • Do you own a property and have a mortgage?

    We will need:

    • Most recent loan statement

  • Do you have cash or any other assets?

    We may require the following information:

    • Bank statements showing current balance


Finally, if you have any credit cards or other loans we may need to know how much you are currently paying.

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  • Do you have a mortgage or personal loan?

    When applicable we may ask you for the following information:

    • Most recent loan statement

    • Monthly payment amount

    • Interest only period of your loan (If applicable)

    • Fixed and variable rate portions of your loan (If applicable) 


Based on all of the information you have provided, we will also perform a Credit File Check to review your credit history, and advise you of any further information required. If you have everwanted to know what your Credit File looks like, simply visit mycreditfile.com.au. If you would like to know any more about the loan applicationprocess please do not hesitate to ask your Business Manager.

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Terms and Conditions.

BMW Financial Services is a division of BMW Australia Finance Limited (ABN 78 007 101 715, Australian Credit Licence 392387). Fees, charges, terms, conditions and approval criteria apply. Required information may change depending on your application. Version 2. Valid as of January 2019.

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