BMW Insurance


Sheer driving pleasure – and security.


Sheer driving pleasure – and security.

BMW INSURANCE.Sheer driving pleasure – and security.


The freedom of choice.

Insurance requirements can be as unique and individual as your vehicle – that’s why BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance has been developed to provide precisely the cover you may require. With a host of features and benefits to select from, including your choice of repairer, Genuine BMW Parts and emergency accommodation costs, BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance performs as superbly as your BMW itself.


BMW Motor Vehicle Insurance is all about choice.

That’s why we offer the choice to create a policy tailored to your individual requirements. You enjoy the flexibility to choose or discard options, control the level of coverage for your vehicle, and the premium you pay. It couldn’t be easier.


BMW Motorcycle Insurance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes as standard with a BMW Motorcycle insurance policy.

BMW Motorcycle Insurance offers competitive rates and a vast range of features and benefits that are not standard on many policies.


It covers theft and most accidental loss or damage to your motorcycle, accessories and extras, as well as your liability for certain loss or damage to other property as the result of an accident in which you are at fault. With a host of features and benefits to select from, including use of an authorised BMW repairer, genuine BMW parts and emergency accommodation costs, BMW Motorcycle Insurance performs as superbly as your BMW motorcycle itself.


BMW Motorcycle Insurance is designed expressly for BMW Motorcycle owners and available through BMW Motorrad dealers.


Drive with confidence.

BMW Tyre & Rim Insurance is a practical insurance solution designed to provide peace of mind by covering you if your motor vehicle's tyres are punctured, suffer a blowout, or are damaged by potholes, kerbs and other various road hazards. It also includes cover for any damage to the wheel rim to the extent that it is cracked, warped, and/or misshapen by various road hazards.


BMW Tyre & Rim Insurance offers convenience and flexibility with the choice of three policy options from Standard to Prestige cover, and also offers an optional benefit which provides emergency accommodation, should you require accommodation as a result of covered damage to your vehicle’s tyres and rims, and you are more than 200km from your home.


BMW Tyre & Rim Insurance is available on BMW Motorcycles, please speak to you preferred BMW Motorrad dealer for more information.


Extend your piece of mind.

BMW New and Used Vehicle Extended Warranty Insurance offers confidence and peace of mind beyond the road.


BMW New Vehicle Extended Warranty Insurance is an extension of your original new vehicle warranty, and can be purchased right up until the very last day of your new car factory warranty.


BMW Used Vehicle Warranty Insurance extends the cover on your vehicle to help protect you against expensive repairs, ensuring that every journey can be one of genuine joy.


Protect your vehicle and your investment.

BMW Value Protect Insurance is designed to provide you with protection in the event that your vehicle is deemed a total loss by your comprehensive motor vehicle insurer. Whether you pay cash or finance for your vehicle, you receive the greater of the following:


(1) The difference between the loan settlement amount and the total loss payment; or


(2) The difference between the replacement vehicle value (which includes on road costs) and the total loss payment.  


up to the maximum sum insured under the cover option you select.


Other benefits include:

  • Cover for out-of-pocket expenses incurred when replacing your vehicle
  • You can claim extra cover even when the total loss payment is equal to or higher than the loan settlement amount or replacement vehicle value





Guaranteed peace of mind.

BMW Loan Protection Insurance is a consumer credit insurance that is a simple and affordable way of providing cover for your obligations under a loan agreement.


A loan agreement commits you to specific repayment obligations, and if for some reason you were unable to meet those obligations, you would still be liable to fulfil the repayment terms of the contract. BMW Loan Protection Insurance helps you secure those commitments, protecting you and your family from the financial consequences of the unexpected, by offering a range of options that can include cover for disability, trauma and death, and involuntary unemployment.


BMW Loan Protection Insurance is available on BMW Motorcycles, please speak to you preferred BMW Motorrad dealer for more information.


Secure your future.

BMW Lease Protect is a cost-effective policy designed to secure your vehicle lease payments in the event that you are unable to meet the financial commitment.


A simple and affordable insurance solution, BMW Lease Protect helps protect you from the financial exposure on your lease that could occur through unexpected circumstances. This insurance offers convenience and flexibility with 3 cover options to choose from, meaning that you can be covered for death, involuntary unemployment and shortfall on your finance contract if your vehicle is declared a total loss and the comprehensive insurance payout is less than the balance of the finance still owing.


Know you are in safe hands.

BMW offers insurance solutions for your motorcycle to ensure you are covered both on the road, and off.


The range of Motorrad Insurance products consists of:


  • BMW Motorcycle Insurance
  • BMW Motorcycle Equity Insurance
  • BMW Motorcycle Loan Protection Insurance


For more information refer to the relevant BMW Insurance policy page or speak to you preferred BMW Motorrad dealer today.

  • * This insurance is issued by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, AFS Licence No. 234708 ABN 15 000 122 850 (Allianz). In arranging this insurance BMW Australia Finance Limited ABN 78 007 101 715 and authorised dealers act as agents of Allianz and not as your agent.
  • We do not provide advice on this insurance based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Cover subject to policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions. Before making a decision about this insurance please consider the PDS or the policy document available from this website. If you purchase this insurance we receive a commission from Allianz. Ask us for more information before we provide you with our services.