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BMW Financial Services Full Circle

BMW Full Circle provided by BMW Australia Finance Limited (ABN 78 007 101 715, Australian Credit
Licence 392387) consists of:

a) in the case of a loan, an option to sell the vehicle to us for a Guaranteed Future Value amount (GFV) at the end of the contract term; or

b) in the case of a lease, predetermining the value of the vehicle for the purpose of your end of lease obligations,

provided the vehicle has not exceeded the contracted kilometre allowance and meets fair wear and tear conditions. If instead you wish to retain ownership of your vehicle outright, the GFV will be payable at the end of your contract. Alternatively, you can refinance the GFV or apply the proceeds of trading-in your vehicle towards paying out the contract. The GFV is not a representation of the anticipated market value of the vehicle at the end of the contract term. To be eligible, vehicles must be built within 18 months and bear a compliance plate dated within 12 months of contract date. Mileage cannot exceed 10,000km at contract commencement. Fees, conditions and approval criteria apply.