A sports car that changes every road. The BMW M2 Competition overwhelms with an outstanding combination of performance, agility and precision. The aggressive air inlets in the front apron signal the concentrated power of the 302kW Twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine. The BMW M2 Competition is a permanent guarantee of high performance and the aspiration to set new records. A pure-bred M automobile, built for winners.


“Overseas models shown. Please contact an authorised BMW dealership or refer to the specification guide for specific information on standard and optional equipment available in Australia.”



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  • 01 Weight optimised Bi-Turbo for maximum power build up
  • 02 Output 302 kW
  • 03 Maximum torque 550Nm
  • 04 From 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 s with M DCT
  • 05 Maximum engine speed 7,600rpm
Two BMW M2 Competition on race track in front of nocturnal cityscape in street-level view.
White BMW M2 Competition drifting on race track in front of  nocturnal skyline.


The BMW M2 Competition doesn’t need a finish line to be first. With its tremendous performance potential and outstanding agility, it leaves the competition far behind. The two weight-optimised turbochargers ensure that the high performance power unit exhibits an extremely direct response and unbridled high-revving ability – perfect for fast sprints and sporty cornering. The sound of the M sport exhaust system can be adapted to the specific driving mode at the touch of a button – powerful and setting the tone at every moment. Developed and tested on the racing circuit, the cooling system ensures the optimum operating temperature while the M specific suspension guarantees precise handling. A vehicle for everyone who wants to dictate the race from the front of the pack.

Two BMW M2 Competition in racing situation at night, view from cockpit.
Cockpit and M Sport seats of the BMW M2 Competition, nocturnal skyline in the background.


A cockpit that could have been constructed for the racetrack: systematically driver-oriented, the M specific instrument display appears with red dials, centrally positioned oil gauge and M2 Competition lettering. The M leather steering wheel is also optimised for peak performance. Start-up is ignited by a red start/stop button and individual driving profiles can be configured via the M1/M2 buttons while the shift paddles interacting with the M double-clutch transmission supplied as standard allow gear changes in a matter of seconds. M Sport seats round off the overall set-up. Designed in black Dakota leather with illuminated M2 logo, they not only offer a powerful look but also perfect support.