The design of the BMW i8.Disclaimer reference invalid


The design of the BMW i8.Disclaimer reference invalid

TIME FOR A NEW IDEAL.The design of the BMW i8.Disclaimer reference invalid

A sports car at first sight. Extremely low and wide when viewed from the front, a flat silhouette, powerfully shaped surfaces and precise contours. When viewed more closely, an ingenious new vehicle concept. With a design devoted to one function. Sustainably and efficiency meet dynamics and athleticism. On the road, the BMW i8 demonstrates the interplay of these ideals: hugging the ground and in the in the unrivalled form you expect of a BMW.

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BMW i subbrand


The entire shape and form of the BMW i8 follows the BMW i8 design philosophy, which creates a unique connection between ground-breaking sustainability and premium character. The approach includes the so-called black belt. This unmistakeable black design element runs from the front, over the roof, to the rear in all BMW i models. Also typical of BMW i are the dynamic stream-flow design, the Air Curtains and striking details such as the LED Daytime Running Light in a distinctive U-shape and the LED rear lights. In the interior, the BMW i design philosophy is demonstrated in the selected use of sustainably produced lightweight materials. Wherever possible, there is systematic use of components produced from renewable raw materials.


Long wheelbase, short overhangs, a solid stance as it crouches on the street: the BMW i8 has all the characteristics of a full-blooded sports car. The front appears extremely low and wide. Everything is arranged to be optimally aerodynamic. At the same time, the flat, but prominent double kidney grille reveals the BMW genes. A V-shaped ‘black belt’ starts on the bonnet and dynamically wraps around the bodyshell to the rear.
Viewed from the side, the exaggerated wedge shape, the long drawn-out lines and the flat silhouette underscore the dynamics. Layering design, a method in which surfaces and lines overlap and interweave, produces an extremely sporty appearance all round. The surfaces join harmoniously, creating a compact and agile impression. Everything appears to come from a unified whole – thus lending the BMW i8 an extraordinarily powerful stature.

  • Exterior colours

    The BMW i8 is available in four different colour schemes:

    • Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic
    • Ionic Silver metallic with highlight in BMW i Blue
    • Protonic Blue with highlight in Frozen Grey metallic
    • Crystal White pearl effect with highlight in BMW i Blue or Frozen Grey metallic


Standard in the BMW i8, LED headlights fit in perfectly with the exceptional sports car concept. All lighting elements are completely in LED. The front light has a typical BMW i U-shaped frame, which contains the Daytime Running Lights and a built-in indicator. A second broad frame is added as a distinguishing design feature when the optional high-beam headlights with laser light technology* are selected. The model with laser technology also considerably increases the range of the high beam and enhances its illumination. A passively lit blue band signals the innovative technology of the lighting unit. In addition, the side cover of the headlight in the equipment with laser light is not dark but has a brilliant metallic finish. The overall impression of the light concept is unmistakeably BMW i8.
* Available in 2016.


Off to a swinging start: Thanks to the spectacular scissor doors, the sports car character of the BMW i8 is recognisable in an instant. Swinging upwards when opened, the scissor doors are an optical highlight and blend perfectly into the smooth lines of the aerodynamic bodyshell. When viewed from the inside, the doors underline the sporty nature of the interior. Thanks to the aluminium, carbon and thermoplastic used in their construction, they are approximately 50% lighter than conventionally built doors. As a result, they are particularly convenient to open and close from the inside. The handle is ergonomically positioned on the inside of the door panel and also acts as a decorative feature.


The sporty look of the exterior is continued seamlessly in the interior of the BMW i8. All elements are light and dynamically positioned. In the interior, the layering principle creates a novel relationship between functionality and clear form. Lightweight construction is also implemented visually; for example, the visible carbon elements in the door sill highlight the low weight of the BMW i8.

The classic sports car character and the typical BMW driver orientation are both equally prominent in the design. The centre console is aligned towards the driver. All the instruments and the digital instrument panel with its two large displays are easy to operate. All passengers have a low seating position and the narrow lightweight seats provide reliable support and outstanding of comfort even when cornering rapidly. The iDrive Controller is conveniently located on the centre console that optically bisects the vehicle.

  • Sustainable materials

    Colour and material design underscores the guiding idea of a smart, sustainable sports car concept. The selected use of materials such as extra-lightweight plastic from recycled drinks bottles and other resource-saving elements allow sustainability to make its presence felt. At the same time, the interior exudes modern sportiness and premium character in every detail, an aspect which is clearly reflected in all three interior design concepts.

  • Ambient light

    With the special equipment option of ambient lighting, drivers are able to create their own individual mood lighting for the interior of the BMW i8. The lighting designed in LED technology emphasises the luxurious ambience, also acts as a functional light source and can, if required, alternate between EfficientDynamics Blue, Amber and White. The result is an interior with a special glowing effect, which extends from the contour lines of the doors, the instrument panel and steering wheel to the footwell.


Unmistakeable, sporty, modern and sustainable. The guiding idea behind the sports car of the future is also reflected in the design of colours and materials in the interior. HALO, CARPO and NESO provide a choice of high-quality equipment lines. And all three demonstrate that sustainability and premium quality are by no means mutually exclusive – but, instead, harmonise in a manner that bodes well for the future. Best examples of this are the use of lightweight, recycled materials for the interior and leather that has been gently tanned with olive leaf extract.

  • NESO

    No interior design represents the future of sporty mobility as clearly as NESO. Recycled materials, clear contrasts and material highlights in the doors and side panels generate a living atmosphere and radiate an inviting feeling of well-being. The sustainable concept of the BMW i8 is thus clearly underlined. The extremely light Spheric leather in light Carum Grey attractively complements the surfaces in black Exclusive leather and black Nappa leather– the whole interior has a clear, light and modern effect.


    The CARPO full-leather equipment combines the generously crafted light Spheric leather for the seat covers, including perforated accents, with black Exclusive leather on the instrument panel and the inner lining of the door as well as black Nappa leather. An elegant and sporty impression is the result, which fits perfectly into the overall concept of the BMW i8. The leather steering wheel with accents in Pearl-Gloss Chrome and Satin Silver as well as high-quality lacquered accent surfaces in dark grey Amido Metallic round off the concept.
    CARPO is available in two versions. The version with Ivory White thrives on the classical contrast of colours with the black surfaces in Exclusive leather. Dynamically curved, light leather surfaces in the doors, on the instrument panel and on the seats emphasise the lightness and transparency of the interior. In the version with leather in the anthracite-coloured tone of Amido, the combination with the Exclusive leather takes on a sporty and modern character.

  • HALO

    The HALO equipment line defines luxury in a new sustainable manner. This full-leather equipment combines a premium aspiration with natural aesthetics. Exclusive leather in Dalbergia Brown tanned exclusively with plant extracts has accents in Carum Grey. In connection with BMW i Blue accents on stitching, seat belts and the leather steering wheel, the overall effect underlines the high quality and slimline design of the interior. Pronounced contrasts between light and dark in the doors, the side panels and the instrument panel bring out the sporty aspect. Further accents are provided by the colour Amido Metallic, which also reflects the innovative technical aspect of BMW i.


Exceptional luggage for an exceptional automobile. Louis Vuitton has designed a novel luggage series for the BMW i8, which is produced entirely from carbon fibres to match the passenger compartment. The cloth made of the extremely lightweight, yet robust high-tech material is characterised by its tremendous resistance to impact, tearing and abrasion. Like the BMW i8, the luggage series impresses with its unique design – elegant, masculine and unmistakeable.
The luggage set has been created to ensure optimum use of space. The large travel bag, which you can carry in your hand or on your shoulder, fits exactly into the boot of the BMW i8. There is space for the garment bag on the rear shelf. The sturdy hard-shell business case, which is ideal for a laptop, nestles perfectly into the rear seats. And the small travel bag can fit on top of the business case. All items in the luggage set have leather handles and name tags as well as the famous Louis Vuitton padlock.