The design of the BMW 2 Series Coupé.


The design of the BMW 2 Series Coupé.

TRADITIONALLY UNTRADITIONAL.The design of the BMW 2 Series Coupé.

One look says it all. This car is the impressive continuation of a long BMW Coupé tradition. It is a homage to an icon from BMW history: the legendary BMW 2002. Nevertheless, it has its own personality that exudes passion and coolness. Every line of the BMW 2 Series Coupé underscores its rebellious character. And the interior is consistently designed to help you experience concentrated driving pleasure. A Coupé well on its way to setting new milestones.[1]


Feisty characteristics.

The striking crease line originates behind the front axle, runs upwards in the rear wing and emphasises the sporty-dynamic wedge shape. Combined with the muscular wheel housings it proves that the BMW 2 Series Coupé is always ready to take the lead.

Authoritative rear.

The L-shaped rear lights with LED light bars and horizontal alignment strengthen its widespread impact. The spoiler lip on the rear of the M235i reduces upswing at high speeds.

Unfettered forward thrust.

The contour lines of the lengthened hood trace the flow of air, while the large air inlets symbolise the power of the BMW 2 Series Coupé which makes an impression even when it’s standing still.

Eye-catching headlights.

The headlights flow sharply towards the three-dimensional kidney grille. With their highly glossy faces, the forward-slanting kidney slats create a realistic depth. The chromed kidney frame enhances this effect and lends the vehicle an imposing appearance.

Colour your world.

The exterior mirrors in Ferric Grey are one of the distinctive external characteristics of the M235i. Its accent colours are also on the slats in the air inlets located on the sides and the imposing 18-inch wheels. The effect: stiriking sportiness.


Everything in this vehicle is orientated in one direction: forward. This is especially true of the front. The forward-slanting kidney grille with its four contour lines that trace the air flow. The pointed form of the headlights gives the typical BMW face a completely autonomous character.
The strict, horizontal setting of the striking rear emphasises the wide trail of the BMW 2 Series Coupé. The optical interplay between the rear exhaust and the nearby lower rear area makes the vehicle look like it’s lying closer to the round. The particularly sporty character of the M235i is played up by a spoiler lip on the tailgate. In addition to its optical effect, it influences the driving dynamics by reducting upswing at high speeds and increasing the surface pressure.


All important design elements in one film: take an in-depth look at the BMW 2 Series Coupé.


All important design elements in one film: take an in-depth look at the BMW 2 Series Coupé.


The double-round headlights positioned wide on the vehicle’s exterior concentrate on what’s important: the road. Their horizontal shape makes the front seem wider. Their appearance is concentrated and focused. Different surface light reflections give the vehicle a fresh, vibrant look that’s amplified by the three-dimensional elements in the xenon headlights.
Self-confident whichever way you look at it: the rear lights impress with wide, L-shaped, red LED light bars. Their monoblock design makes them particularly striking and lends them a unique effect by day or night.


Conformity for the nonconformist: when you take a seat behind the wheel of the BMW 2 Series Coupé you enter the limelight. This is because the entire cockpit is orientated towards the driver. The asymmetrical centre console is tilted towards him, the free-standing Control Display is optimally in his line of sight and all important functions are always under his control. The coupé-like frameless windows don’t interfere with the view. Exciting, overlapping surfaces and dynamic lines carry the sporty exterior through to the interior. And naturally, all this is achieved with perfect workmanship and through the use of high-quality materials.