7-10 YEARS.

Your BMW has been built to last and a full range of economical ownership options can ensure it continues to look and perform at its best, providing many more years of reliable service.

Regardless of age, at a BMW Centre your car will be looked after by BMW trained technicians using only Genuine BMW Parts, all warranted for two years. We can provide a range of products and services to keep it looking and driving at its best, all under one roof. Besides, servicing costs may also be lower than you think, with Value Service offering economical maintenance across a wide range of models - keeping your service book fully stamped and looking its best.


Meet the seasons head on. Tyre wear, dynamics and safety are all enhanced by swapping your tyres for BMW Winter Tyres when temperatures dip in the colder months.
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As your car approaches each birthday, did you know that BMW Insurance Solutions will cover you for every eventuality?
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Carried out by expert technicians, a BMW MOT is far less testing.
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Congratulations on now being eligible for BMW's fixed-price Value Service. To get a personalised quotation visit the BMW Service site, and don't forget our range of convenient options can make your visit even easier, including...

BMW star-marked tyres maintain a vice-like grip in all conditions. As the miles roll on, your BMW Centre is the logical place to fit them in a flash.
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Keep your cool as temperatures rise - a well-maintained system works efficiently and keeps bacteria at bay. 
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Our skilled Parts Advisors ensure you find exactly the right part for your BMW, topped off with a two year warranty. First-time fit and a long life ahead means you'll never look back.


Should you dent your pride and joy, entrust its speedy recovery to those who know it best - a BMW Approved Bodyshop.
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For as long as you own a BMW, we'll recover you free of charge to a BMW Approved Bodyshop of your choice should the unthinkable ever happen.
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All your miles together might mean a blemish or two has crept in - spirit them away quickly and economically with BMW Cosmetic Repairs.
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Whether it’s a finishing touch or enhanced capabilities you're after, Genuine BMW Accessories fit the bill. 

Enthusiasm for your BMW in and out of the driving seat is best expressed with our range of clothing and accessories.
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If your miles behind the wheel have whetted your appetite for a new BMW, why not explore the latest range together with a selection of finance packages designed to make it easy.