BMW M2 Coupé Dynamics and Efficiency



With its outstanding agility, top-quality dynamics and striking sound, the BMW M2 Coupé is a typical M vehicle. A 7-speed M double-clutch transmission allows extra-quick gear changes. M Compound brakes are designed for the heaviest loads. Active M Differential – included as standard – offers maximum driving stability and traction. In short, this is a vehicle created to dominate every road.


The M dual-clutch transmission with Drivelogic lets the driver change gears extremely quickly without any loss of power. The gears can be controlled automatically or manually using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel, or the gear stick. Launch Control guarantees maximum acceleration from a standing start. 
With a light, compact design, the M six-speed manual transmission decreases the total weight of the car, resulting in a wide variety of benefits for dynamics, agility, acceleration and fuel consumption. The lightened gear box also balances the axle load distribution to nearly 50:50, giving the car more neutral and stabilised driving characteristics in every situation.
Inside the transmission, innovative carbon fibre friction lining makes changing gears effortless. This technology, adopted from motor sports, also contributes to greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

M six-speed manual transmission is fully integrated into the other cutting-edge control systems: Together with motor electronics, its sensors provide signals to the engine speed control system when shifting gears.

M Silencer.

The M silencer with two twin exhaust pipe finishers optimises the performance and environmental-friendliness of the engine, whilst an electric exhaust flap control perfects the characteristically sporty sound.
BMW M2 Coupé

Active M Differential.

The Active M Differential variably distributes the drive torque between the two rear wheels to optimise traction and driving stability when accelerating out of bends or on difficult road surfaces. It provides perfect handling without any power waste under situations of extreme acceleration.


Innovative dynamics, breathtaking agility, precise handling: Three features that have characterised M vehicles from the word go. The driving experience in the BMW M2 Coupé is a result of highly developed technology and extreme testing. Important components have been optimised for use under motorsport conditions and ensure maximum performance at all times.

Lateral and longitudinal acceleration that occur in racetrack situations place particular demands on the oil supply. With their motorsport know-how, BMW M engineers have ensured a safe oil supply – in day-to-day driving and on the racetrack alike.

M Dynamic Mode, a function of Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), allows a certain degree of wheel slip, thus noticeably improving driving dynamics. While the DSC works against understeer and oversteer, the M Dynamic Mode enables the full exploitation of the car's maximum longitudinal and lateral driving potential.

M Servotronic adjusts the power steering to suit the current speed so gives a direct and precise steering response, even at high speeds. It also ensures supreme comfort by minimising the physical effort required for steering, as well as maximising agility when parking, manoeuvring or navigating twisted roads.

By reducing unsprung mass, the Lightweight front axle increases driving dynamics, traction and suspension comfort. It also optimises the axle load distribution, ensuring neutral driving characteristics and better control in challenging driving situations.

The Lightweight rear axle helps to reduce the vehicle's weight, improve agility, dynamics and acceleration. It also reduces unsprung mass and optimises traction and suspension comfort.

M Compound Brakes


Thanks to the use of various materials, M Compound brakes achieve outstanding deceleration values, are extremely stable and highly durable. They also weigh less, thus improving agility, dynamics and acceleration. The Blue metallic brake callipers with the M logo are the hallmark of these high-performance M brakes.

BMW M2 Coupé

BMW EfficientDynamics TECHNOLOGIES.

Get more out of every litre of fuel with BMW EfficientDynamics: better performance, greater efficiency and a heightened driving experience. Technical innovations that lower fuel consumption while increasing driving pleasure mean that pure dynamics come with every BMW.