Safety and comfort in BMW M Cars.

The  BMW M series is geared towards motorsport, so safety and comfort are of paramount importance. Constant updates in technology and innovative engineering provides each car with a host of features that ensure, regardless of the road surface, you’re driving a car with safety at its core.

M driver orientation.

The cockpit of the BMW M Series is designed to make the driver the focal point. All controls are designed with a focus on the driver, for the shortest possible reaction times. .

BMW M cars on the track

Active and passive safety.

BMW M cars come with a package of intelligent safety features aimed at minimising the risk of accidents. Highly robust, large-volume supporting structures and the intelligent use of ultra-high-strength multi-phase steel ensure maximum rigidity in the safety passenger cell, while keeping the overall weight to a minimum.

The impact of a collision is channelled away from the passenger cell to other parts of the car’s body, such as the undercarriage, side frames, front bulkhead or roof, and is absorbed by deformation zones at the front and rear.

BMW Intelligent Safety

Pedestrian protection.

To better protect pedestrians, a shock absorber is built into the front area between the bumper and bumper cover, which reduces the severity of leg injuries in the event of an accident. In addition, the bonnet is fitted with deformation elements that form a crumple zone and help absorb impact.

BMW key fob

Comfort Access system.

If you're carrying heavy luggage or shopping it can be difficult to find and use the key to open the boot. The innovative Comfort Access system with smart-opener, allows you to open the luggage compartment with a precise foot movement under the rear bumper. A number of sensors installed at different heights unlocks, then fully opens the boot. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key.

BMW M3 front light cluster

Adaptive LED Headlights.

Thanks to their pure white light beam, the BMW M Adaptive LED Headlights illuminate the road as though it were daylight. A sensor located in the rear view mirror holder monitors oncoming traffic, shaping the light beam so as not to dazzle other road users, meaning you don’t have to keep switching between dipped and full-beam headlights. This makes for stress-free, fatigue-free night-driving, so wherever you are, whatever corner you’re taking, nothing escapes your attention.

BMW M4 Convertible with wind deflector in place

Wind deflector.

The wind deflector increases driver and front passenger comfort by providing effective protection from draughts, even at high speeds. Constructed of mesh, it makes driving more pleasant, without disrupting the convertible experience.

When not in use, the wind deflector simply folds down. Its slim size means it can be comfortably stowed away in a storage compartment behind the rear seat backrest.

The Wind Deflector is available on the
M4 Convertible and the M6 Convertible.

BMW M4 Convertible Air Collar

Air Collar.

When it’s cooler outside, the Air Collar ensures comfortable open-top driving by keeping your head and shoulders warm. The warming system built into the front seats adjusts the temperature and air output based on the speed and outside climate.

The driver and front passenger can each choose from three different temperature settings, and with the roof closed, these can be selected independently from the speed and outside temperature. It’s all easily controlled via buttons on the convertible top switch, integrated into the centre console.

Air collar is exclusive to the M4 Convertible

BMW M Seats

M Seats.


A selection of M cars feature seats with perfect ergonomic modelling. Fitting the driver as if custom made, the M seats feature contoured side supports and electric backrest width adjustment, making them a key component of the BMW M driving experience.

Providing protection against lateral acceleration forces and supporting the driver in every bend, they also have exclusive shoulder cushions for more side support. The M seats also offer the option of seat ventilation and a massage function, both of which considerably reduce risk of driver fatigue.

BMW front LED fog lights

LED Fog Lights.

LED fog lights increase short-range visibility in fog or rain, improving safety when driving at night.  Along with their broad light angle, the fog lights are notable for their beam’s colour, which is extremely similar to daylight.

BMW M Specific Car Key

M-specific car key.

The M-specific car key features aluminium detailing, as well as design elements in the classic BMW M colours, expressing the driver's preference for dynamic cars.