BMW 3 Series iPerformance



Whether you’re at home or out and about, charging a BMW iPerformance model couldn’t be easier.
Charging at home.
BMW iPerformance models can be easily charged at home through a conventional household power socket via the supplied standard charging cable, and will have a full battery after 3.5 hours. Charging is even quicker and more convenient with the separately available BMW i Wallbox: this wall-mounted home charging point reduces the charging time to just over two hours.

The BMW i Wallbox is also available, simply mounted onto the wall of the house or garage and connected to the home electrical system by our approved BMW i installation partner.


Charging on the go.
In addition to charging the vehicle at home, it is now possible (thanks to the development of the ChargeNow mobility service by BMW) to charge BMW iPerformance models quickly and easily while on-the-go.
ChargeNow Partner charging points can be found using the car’s integrated ConnectedDrive navigation system, the BMW i Remote/ConnectedDrive smartphone App or on the BMW ChargeNow homepage.
BMW i Wallbox Plus


BMW iPerformance models need fuel for the combustion engine and electricity for the battery-driven electric motor. The electricity can come from numerous sources, as explained below.

BMW iPerformance models can be charged from an ordinary household socket – however, it is advisable to have the suitability (continuous load capability) of the socket checked by a certified specialist. This check of the socket, or the installation and commissioning of an i Wallbox (this allows BMW plug-in hybrid vehicles to be charged with a maximum of 3.7 kW) should be performed by a qualified electrician from the BMW i installation partner.

The vehicle can also be charged while out and about via the "ChargeNow" network - a constantly growing network of public charging stations.

If you would like to find out where there is a charging station in your neighbourhood, there are various options:
  • You can look it up in the navigation system of your BMW iPerformance model. Thanks to the point-of-interest search in the BMW ConnectedDrive App, you have direct access to all charging stations in your surroundings.
  • You can search on your smartphone. This is child’s play using the ConnectedDrive App for BMW iPerformance models.
  • You will find all BMW i partner charging stations on the ChargeNow website.

If possible, you should charge your BMW iPerformance model whenever the opportunity arises – be it at home or on the move. This means that you can always take advantage of the maximum possible electric range and thus minimise fuel consumption.

The precise charging time depends on a number of factors. If the high-voltage battery is completely discharged, it may be assumed in the BMW X5 xDrive40e vehicle, for example, that charging will take between roughly 2.5 hours at a Wallbox or public charging station and approx. four hours from a normal domestic socket.

Due to the smaller battery size in comparison with a pure electric vehicle and the comparably short time required for full charging that this entails, no means of rapid DC-charging is planned for BMW iPerformance models.

The standard charging cable contained in the vehicle has the household plug typical for its specific country. Cables suitable for different socket types across Europe are available as accessories.

You will find the price for Wallbox Plus under Original BMW Accessories.
BMW ConnectedDrive app and BMW 7 Series iPerformance


Via eDrive services and the BMW ConnectedDrive App, you can keep in touch with your BMW iPerformance model via your smartphone. Various functions are available, all designed to make owning and using a BMW iPerformance model a seamless experience.

The eDrive services are specially tailored to BMW iPerformance models and can be called up via an app, the navigation system or also via the customer portal. The BMW ConnectedDrive App contains the following functions: 
  • Charge status display and charging timer setting
  • Remote operation of the climate control (heating/cooling) and timer setting
  • Search and display of charging stations
  • Statistics on your own driving conduct, tutorials on efficient driving and comparisons in the community
  • Display of the mileage, vehicle condition and service requirement

Yes, selected functions are also available via the BMW ConnectedDrive portal.