At first glance, the i8 is a beautifully designed sports car. Extremely low and wide when viewed from the front, a supercar stance with powerfully sculpted surfaces and precise contours. Look more closely, and it’s an ingenious new vehicle concept, with a design devoted to two functions: efficiency and driving dynamics.


The BMW i8 has all the characteristics of a full-blooded sports car with its long wheelbase, short overhangs and a solid posture.

The entire shape and form of the i8 follows the BMW i design philosophy, creating a unique connection between ground-breaking sustainability and premium design. Including the ‘black belt’, an unmistakeable design element that runs from the front, over the roof, to the rear in all BMW i models. This works in perfect harmony with the dynamic stream-flow design, Aero Curtains, U-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights and LED rear lights and prominent double kidney grille which are all strikingly distinctive BMW i features.


BMW i8 Ionic Silver

Ionic Silver metallic with accents in BMW i Blue.

BMW i8 Crystal White

Crystal White pearl effect with accents in Frozen Grey metallic.

BMW i8 Crystal White Pearl Effect

Crystal White pearl effect with accents in BMW i Blue.

BMW i8 Protonic Blue

Protonic Blue with accents in Frozen Grey metallic.

BMW i8 Sophisto Grey

Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with accents in Frozen Grey metallic.

BMW i8 Sophisto Grey

Sophisto Grey brilliant effect with accents in BMW i Blue.

BMW i8 with doors open


Gliding upwards when opened, the BMW i8’s spectacular dihedral doors are instantly recognisable and blend perfectly into the smooth lines of the car’s aerodynamic body. When viewed from the inside, the doors underline the sporty nature of the interior. Due to the aluminium, carbon fibre and thermoplastic used in their construction, they are approximately 50% lighter than conventionally built doors (and are therefore incredibly easy to open and close).

BMW i8 dashboard


Classic sports car character and typical BMW driver orientation. All passengers have a low seating position and the narrow, lightweight seats provide reliable support and outstanding comfort at all times. Ambient lighting features come as standard, with LED lighting that can alternate between Blue, Amber and White, extending a warm glow from the contours of the doors to the instrument panel and footwell.


Interior designs.

Unmistakeable, sporty, modern and sustainable. The guiding idea behind the sports car of the future is also reflected in the design of colours and materials in the interior. NESO, CARPO and HALO provide a choice of high-quality materials. And all three demonstrate that sustainability and premium quality are by no means mutually exclusive – but, instead, harmonise in a manner that bodes well for the future. Best examples of this are the use of lightweight, recycled materials for the interior and leather that has been gently tanned with olive leaf extract.
Recycled materials, clear contrasts and material highlights in the doors and side panels create a feeling of wellbeing . The extremely light Spheric leather in Carum Grey with Sitka cloth highlights attractively complements the surfaces in Nappa leather, giving the whole interior a clear, light and modern feel.
The CARPO full leather interior combines the generously crafted Spheric leather for the seat covers (including perforated highlights) with black leather on the instrument panel and the inner lining of the door. The result is an elegant and sporty feel which perfectly complements the overall concept of the BMW i8.
The HALO line epitomises sustainable luxury, with exclusive Olive leather in Dalbergia Tan. Pronounced contrasts between light and dark in the doors, the side panels and the instrument panel bring out the car’s sporty personality.