BMW i3



BMW i is systematically promoting the development of sustainable electric mobility for everyday use. The BMW i3 allows you to reach destinations 200km away, making the BMW i3 perfect for the city, but also the ideal solution for the daily commute between home and office – including the occasional detour.

If energy reserves are running low, use the time the vehicle is parked to charge it up, either with the standard charging cable from a regular power socket or via the BMW i Wallbox.

BMW i3 driving


Most people drive less than they think: on average between 30 and 40km per day by car. But the BMW i3 leaves nothing to chance. Software analyses all factors that are crucial for precise range calculation: driving style, landscape, temperature, driving mode, route planning, plus the energy requirements of any ancillary systems. This means that you’ve always precise information on your range to reach your destination comfortably and safely.

If required, the Range Extender can increase the BMW i3’s range: the small, quiet two-cylinder petrol engine drives a generator that switches on automatically when required, maintaining the charge level of the battery at a constant level.

With the BMW i3, you’re also at the wheel when it comes to extending the range. On the standard COMFORT setting the real world range is 200km. Simply flick the driver experience switch to select ECO PRO or ECO PRO+, two particularly efficient driving modes that extend the range.

The BMW i Remote App allows you to keep your BMW i3 under control from anywhere via a smartphone or smartwatch. Check the battery charge level and the electric driving range, and if your BMW i3 is connected to a charging station, track the charging process. Set departure times for when your BMW i3 needs to be fully charged and at the cabin at the right temperature. And if you want, the app will rate the efficiency of your driving.

The range display has also been carefully designed to show how much range is left at any time – with absolute reliability. This may sound simple, but it entails complex software assessing personal driving behaviour, the topography of the surroundings, temperatures, the selected driving mode, the planned route, and the use of air-conditioning and heating systems – all within a split second. The result is a dynamic range indicator that is not just extremely accurate, but makes it easy to understand the impact of driving patterns and environmental factors.

BMW i Wallbox Plus


If you have your own parking space at home, you can easily charge the BMW i3 using the BMW i Wallbox Plus. This charging station, which is mounted to the wall of the house or the garage, not only completes the unique design of the BMW i vehicles, it also charges the BMW i3 up to 50 % faster than the standard included charging cable – charging the BMW i3 to 80 % charging capacity in under 4 hours. When the battery reserves on your BMW i3 run low, the BMW i Wallbox Plus provides a fast, safe and convenient home charging solution.



With the BMW i3, you can use both alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) public charging stations. This not only makes you more flexible, it also enables you to charge your vehicle as quickly as possible. At a DC public charging station, a constantly powerful current transfers the energy directly to the high-voltage battery, charging the BMW i3 to 80% capacity in less than 40 minutes. Using an AC Fast charging station charges the BMW i3 to 80% capacity in under four hours.


Thanks to the mobility service ChargeNow and intuitive controls, tapping into this network is as easy as it gets. ChargeNow makes it easier and quicker to pinpoint stations and top up your BMW i3 en route. BMW i ConnectedDrive displays charging stations near you, not only on the car’s navigation screen, but also on your smartphone and the ChargeNow website.


Terms and Conditions

[1] Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions data, electrical consumption and range is based upon Combined Driving Test Cycle in accordance with ADR 81/02. Actual figures will depend on many factors including traffic conditions, driving habits, prevailing conditions and your vehicle’s equipment, condition and use.  These figures are unlikely to be achieved in real world driving conditions and should only be used for comparing one vehicle with another.  BMW recommends the use of minimum RON 95 super unleaded petrol. Unleaded 91 RON and higher with a maximum ethanol content of 10% (E10) may also be used. Output and fuel consumption figures apply to RON98 fuel. All engines meet the EU5 emissions standard.
[2] All information, representations, illustrations, specifications and prices is general in nature only and may show overseas product features, specifications or models which may change without notice and should always be read in conjunction with other specific materials and information available from BMW Group Australia and its respective dealers.