Connectivity & Driver Assistance systems of the new BMW i3.

Don't miss anything while you're on the road. Always stay up-to-date. That's exactly what the BMW i3 offers with its numerous digital services and driver assistance systems. It's no wonder that it's still the best-connected vehicle in its market segment. And because of that, it's associated with relaxed mobility, comfort, and safety like no other vehicle.



BMW Connected is a personal mobility assistant which facilitates everyday mobility and assists drivers in reaching their destinations relaxed and on time. Relevant mobility information, such as recommendations for optimal departure times, are available outside of the vehicle via a compatible smartphone or compatible smart watch, and can be seamlessly transmitted to the vehicle. The BMW remote functions are also available as part of BMW Connected. 

BMW Connected+ is an extension of the proven mobility assistant BMW Connected, which makes your mobility even easier, helps you to save time, and gets you to your destination relaxed.

BMW Connected+ is the digital bridge between your smartphone and your BMW i3. The “+”stands for a new expansion level of personalisation of services and the seamless integration of the digital mobile assistant into the BMW i3.

In this way, you can begin your intelligent route planning already relaxed at home, receive fast access to pedestrian navigation and share your live driving status with friends while having all mobility-relevant information in view via BMW Connected Onboard. In addition, you can control your smarthome at any time from the BMW i3.

The basis for the BMW Connected personalised services is the Open Mobility Cloud. Its flexible architecture is build around the integrated tools and technology of Microsoft Cloud and the Azure data platform. The powerful system is in a position to process data and information from the most varied sources and to provide it. The flexibility of the platform allows it to integrate and to scale additional digital touchpoints such as new end devices (additional smartphones, smart watches, etc.) or new partner services, even in the future. A new feature is that with BMW Connected+, the vehicle with the Open Mobility Cloud connects us to a digital touchpoint. This allows the digital services to be integrated more quickly and with agility into the vehicle.


You can rely on the driver assistance systems in the BMW i3 at all times. They master situations such as traffic jams, heavy traffic, or parking in an automated and reliable way. Safety and convenience with state-of-the-art technology – so that you can concentrate fully on driving.

The Driving Assistant Plus equipment produces a clear improvement in safety and comfort. It includes the Approach control warning and Person warning with light city braking function, Speed Limit Info, Camera-based cruise control with Stop&Go function.

The Park assistant package really does make parking a breeze. The system combines the Parking assistant with Park Distance Control (PDC) and the Rear view camera to make your life much easier. If desired, the assistant can even manoeuvre into a space fully automatically.