The BMW 5 Series Saloon



Every new BMW pushes at the frontiers of technology and innovation. The BMW 5 Series combines state-of-the-art driving assistance systems with an unmatched degree of connectivity and convenience. State of the art technology is deployed in the design and construction of the BMW 5 Series too, with extensive use of the most modern aluminium alloys to create an experience that re-defines the capabilities of this class of vehicle.

BMW 5 Series chassis


Aluminium and aluminium alloys are used extensively in the BMW 5 Series chassis, making it lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. Combined with near perfect weight distribution, it creates a responsive dynamic drive, making the BMW 5 Series a class leader.

Semi-autonomous driving


Stop start traffic? Let the BMW 5 Series take over. A range of sensors, including a stereo camera, ultra-sound and radar monitor the area around the vehicle, allowing the extended functions of the Active Cruise Control and the Steering and lane control assistant to drive the vehicle. Together they will keep a safe distance between you and other road users.

BMW Display Key

BMW Display Key.

Forget everything you know about the car key. The BMW Display Key is a smart piece of technology that connects you to your new BMW 5 Series. A remote control and a touchscreen display in one, you can use it to park your vehicle, check your fuel, set the cabin temperature and see whether your BMW 5 Series is locked. And for those that prefer something simpler, the BMW 5 Series also comes with two conventional remote keys.


Interacting with the BMW 5 Series Saloon.

Easy. Clear. Informative.

Touch interface.

Operating the vehicle's Infotainment system is easy, clear and informative. The driver can use the touchscreen to arrange the six tiles representing navigation, media, communication, ConnectedDrive, My Vehicle and messaging in any order.

Always up to date.

Live tiles.

​Each set of three main menu tiles are displayed as live tiles instead of a static menu view. This means the driver can always keep an eye on specific functions and up-to-date information whenever they are needed.

Hand-written entry.

iDrive Touch Controller.

The iDrive Touch Controller enables intuitive and convenient operation of the iDrive system. The touchpad integrated into the Controller enables the user to easily enter destinations into the navigation system by writing them by hand.

Only thoughts are faster.

BMW Gesture Control.

Complementary to the iDrive Touch Controller, BMW Gesture Control allows for specified functions to be controlled with gestures.

BMW Connected

BMW Connected.

BMW Connected facilitates mobility in everyday life. Information such as recommendations for the optimum departure time is available outside of the vehicle by iPhone or Apple Watch and thanks to BMW Connected Onboard is also accessible in the vehicle. Furthermore, Remote 3D View allows the surroundings of the parked vehicle to be viewed from a distance.


Preparation for Apple CarPlay® supports the convenient and wireless use of a selected iPhone® functions in the vehicle. This allows smartphone content, along with functions such as music, iMessages/text messages, telephony, Siri and selected third-party apps to be displayed and operated via the vehicle's user interface and via voice control.

Concierge Services from BMW ConnectedDrive puts the BMW Call Centre at your fingertips while you’re on the road*.

Whether you’re looking for a particular restaurant, the nearest cash machine or an emergency pharmacy, a BMW Call Centre agent is always on hand to help and can send address details directly to your car’s navigation system on demand. Concierge Services operates independently of the driver's mobile phone and is available at home and abroad, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

*Concierge Services requires the ConnectedDrive Services equipment package and is available to purchase as an optional extra.

​Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging.

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging includes a wireless charging dock and additional USB ports. A roof aerial connection improves mobile reception. Two mobile telephones and an audio player can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth.


You will find your best helper in Driving Assistant Plus. You can entrust it with important but monotonous tasks. It enables automated driving in situations such as traffic jams and slow-moving traffic or on long journeys.

Drive Performance Control


The Remote Control Parking function allows the driver to conveniently get out of the vehicle before parking it via remote control by moving it forward into, or reversing out of, a tight parking space or garage. The Remote Control Parking function is activated by the driver once outside the car, with the BMW display key.


Parking Assistant Plus makes parking and manoeuvring the vehicle easier. It features Surround View including Top View, Remote 3D View, PDC and the Parking Assistant with linear guidance, which parks the vehicle parallel or perpendicular to the lane completely automatically. The system works by measuring potential spaces while driving past them at a low speed.

BMW Head-Up Display

BMW Head-Up Display.

The full-colour BMW Head-Up Display projects information that is situation-specific and relevant to the journey directly into the driver's field of vision, thereby allowing him or her to fully concentrate on driving. Data such as speed is displayed, along with navigation tips, Speed Limit Info including no-overtaking indicator, telephone and entertainment lists, and information and warnings from the various driver assistance systems.

BMW ConnectedDrive.


BMW ConnectedDrive stands for the intelligent interaction between vehicle, driver and outside world. Enjoy more comfort, entertainment and the reassuring feeling of safety on all routes. Or to put it simply: more driving pleasure.