The BMW 5 Series Saloon


The design of the BMW 5 Series sedan.

Sporty and stylish for every occasion: the BMW 5 Series Sedan is always ahead of the competition. Athletic and muscular in appearance, it embodies success through quality design and precise attention to detail.

BMW 5 Series Saloon


The BMW 5 Series Sedan comes with an impressive standard specification. To find out exactly what is included for this model please download the detailed Specification Guide below.


Even when standing still, the BMW 5 Series creates a powerful impression. In the seventh generation of the sportiest business saloon, kidney grille and headlights are directly linked for the first time ever. The low roof line sloping to the rear lends the muscular body an elegant coupé-like silhouette and the broad rear emphasises the high performance capacity of the BMW 5 Series.

The Adaptive LED Headlights in the BMW 5 Series Saloon.


The Adaptive LED Headlights in the BMW 5 Series Saloon.

Daytime running lights.

The uniquely shaped tubes of the Adaptive LED Headlights develop the arrow-shaped design of the BMW 5 Series and emphasise the high-precision athletic character of the vehicle. The daytime running lights shine significantly more brightly than the parking lights and increase safety in road traffic during the day as well. And thanks to LED technology, the system consumes less energy than conventional lighting systems.

Low beam headlights

Low-beam headlights.

The moving headlights allow drivers to see deep into corners as soon as they start turning the steering wheel. In this way, cornering lights provide optimum illumination of the immediate surroundings and therefore increase active driving safety.

Anti-dazzle High Beam.

BMW Selective Beam automatically adjusts the high-beam headlights according to light and traffic conditions. The system registers the presence of vehicles in front or oncoming traffic and can be depended on to avoid dazzling other road users by smoothly adjusting the high-beam lights to suit.


The interior of the BMW 5 Series Saloon.

The centre console

Driver-oriented centre console.

The centre console is slightly angled toward the driver for the most ergonomic use possible, as well as to enhance its sporty appearance. However, the driver-oriented placement also allows the front passenger to comfortably reach all of the functions located there, such as multimedia functions and Automatic air conditioning, for example.

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging.

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging offers a comprehensive telephony package with Bluetooth connectivity and wireless charging of devices such as smartphones and the optional BMW Display Key.

The Instrument panel in Sensatec

Instrument panel in Sensatec.

The Instrument panel in Sensatec lends the interior a highly exclusive atmosphere. The man-made leather is applied directly to a semi-rigid foam, and features an impressively soft surface. The wear-resistant material is finished with attractive double lap seams.

The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System

Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound.

The Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with two diamond tweeters features outstanding studio-quality sound for every seat in the car. 16 carefully positioned speakers ensure a mesmerising sound experience. The two illuminated diamond tweeters are made of pure, synthetic diamond. This extremely lightweight, highly stable material is ideal for the reproduction of high-frequency signals

Selected materials and a quality of finish

High-quality mix of materials.

Selected materials and a quality of finish defined by meticulous precision underline the premium ambience.

Rear legroom

Legroom in the rear.

The BMW 5 Series underlines its qualities as a long-distance vehicle with a high level of comfort for all seats. Rear-seat passengers enjoy an especially large amount of legroom.

The Ambient Air Package

Ambient Air Package.

The Ambient Air Package comprises a fragrance dispersal function and an air ionisation function. There are eight fragrances to choose from, all specially composed for the vehicle. The eight fragrances are divided into four categories: “Blue Suite” with fresh water fragrances, “Green Suite” with fresh plant fragrances, “Golden Suite” with warm, rich fragrances and “Authentic Suite” with natural fragrances.

M Sport model.

With M Sport Package, the passion for dynamism is clearly at the forefront. Powerful air inlets, lend the front apron an eye-catching presence. The exclusive Aluminium Rhombicle interior trim and the BMW Individual roof liner in Anthracite add an extra athletic note to the interior.

BMW Individual


Amplify the already-impressive stature of your chosen vehicle with BMW Individual. Choose an unrivalled trim, an exterior finish unique to you – all without compromising on BMW’s renowned high quality and craftsmanship.


Genuine BMW Accessories.

Prepare yourself for all the disciplines on your agenda. With Original BMW Accessories, you can equip your BMW 5 Series Saloon to match your preferences perfectly. Discover the world of Genuine BMW Accessories.

The modern roof box with Titanium Silver side panels has a capacity of 520 litres and is compatible with all BMW roof carrier systems. Thanks to its two-sided opening system with triple central locking device on both sides, it is easy to load and securely protected against theft.

The non-slip, waterproof and durable fitted mat with border affords protection for the luggage compartment. With its perfect fit and Black colouring, it coordinates ideally with the BMW basic equipment and also features the number “5” as a high-quality stainless steel insert together with a loop for removal.

BMW 19” or 20” light-alloy wheels not only blend in perfectly with the optical design of the vehicle but also meet supreme quality standards. They are developed specially for use with runflat tyres and have raised humps to prevent the depressurized tyres from sliding off the rims when cornering.

The efficient auxiliary heating produces a pleasant interior temperature without an iced or misted windscreen. It can be programmed by iDrive or operated directly. Depending on the equipment, it can be additionally activated by a separately available BMW display key and an iPhone app.

The practical universal holder is adjustable and clicks into place in the separately available base carrier of the Travel & Comfort system. It offers a secure support for a large number of Apple and Samsung tablets with Travel & Comfort Tablet Safety Case from 7 to 11 inches, and thanks to the 360° rotating frame with adjustment of the reclining angle, it can be fastened in the desired position at all times.