The BMW 3 Series



Every component that drives the BMW 3 Series is focussed on performance and efficiency, to create a truly dynamic driving experience, yet one that minimises emissions and fuel consumption. This relentless approach to engineering excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. And this is where BMW’s heritage comes to the fore, crafting over decades a car that provides an incredible drive. 

BMW 3 Series Engines


Each model features petrol or diesel BMW TwinPower Turbo engines. In four or six cylinder configurations, these engines provide the sort of power more usually associated with much larger engines. And as each has been fine tuned to minimise friction and reduce thermal losses, efficiency is increased meaning you get more from every litre of fuel.

Eight-speed steptronic transmission


The 8-Speed Steptronic Transmission is another key feature, ensuring incredibly soft gear changes, reduced noise at high speeds and significantly reduced fuel consumption.  The Sport automatic transmission available on all BMW 320i models and up (excluding iPerformance model) further increases the agility of the gear changes.

Drive performance control


BMW believes a car should adapt to every driver. Our Driving Experience Control puts you in total control. Choose between Comfort mode, ECO PRO mode and Sport mode and fine-tune your car, precisely to your settings.

BMW 3 Series Chassis


The BMW 3 Series chassis has been completely revamped, giving the car an incredible feel. Steering precision has been sharpened, rolling movements reduced and directional stability optimised. Together, these improvements offer excellent road holding, perfect handling and outstanding agility in all conditions.

Variable sport steering


The optional Variable Sport Steering works independently of your speed, varying the steering ratio in line with the steering angle. Combined with the Servotronic function it reduces the steering wheel movement required to achieve a tight steering angle.

This makes it easier when parking and during slow speed manoeuvering, as well as increasing sporting agility in tight corners and hairpin bends. For small steering angles, the system provides excellent directional stability and a very high degree of steering precision.

Adaptive M Sport suspension


The electronically controlled dampers in the Adaptive M Suspension adapt to suit your driving style and road conditions. The Driving Experience Control lets you change the settings on the move; Sport or Sport Plus mode give a noticeably firmer ride.

Active rear spolier


The Active Rear Spoiler on the Gran Turismo model optimises the airflow at the rear of the car. As your speed increases, it ensures excellent road holding and exceptional driving dynamics.

It also extends at speeds of over 110 km/h – and retracts once back under 70 km/h. You can also manually control its deployment via a button on the driver side door.

Eco Pro Mode



Everything in ECO PRO mode is geared towards greater efficiency, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%.

This mode optimises accelerator and transmission response as well as shift points, and intelligently adapts the heating/air conditioning. You’ll also receive ECO PRO tips that relate to your current driving situation for even greater driving efficiency.

BMW 3 Series Aerodynamics


Each exterior element of the BMW 3 Series is designed to enhance aerodynamics. Features such as the integrated Aero Curtain in the front apron help to reduce turbulence and air resistance around the front wheel housings. The smooth underbody lining and the engine compartment screening are further details that enable a significant enhancement in aerodynamics, all designed to propel the car more efficiently, so minimising fuel consumption.



Auto Start-Stop ensures fuel is only used when your car is moving. At traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, Auto Start-Stop saves fuel by switching off the engine as soon as the car comes to a stop and when you’re in neutral.

The Info Display indicates when Auto Start-Stop is active, and as soon as you take your foot off the brake, the engine automatically re-starts. You can easily switch this feature off with a click of a button.

Auto Start-Stop is not activated if the engine has not reached its optimum operating temperature, if the cabin has not reached its set temperature, if the battery charging status is too low or if the steering wheel isn’t pointing straight ahead. And if your vehicle starts rolling or condensation forms on the windscreen, the engine automatically re-starts.

Brake energy regeneration


The BMW 3 Series features Brake Energy Regeneration technology. This harnesses kinetic energy produced by slowing or braking and uses it to charge the car’s battery. This means that the alternator no longer needs to run permanently, with the result of reduced fuel consumption and increased performance – typical of BMW’s EfficientDynamics.

The new BMW 3 Series has been setting new standards of driving dynamics for generations. The legacy continues.