The BMW 3 Series sets new standards for comfortable, safe and pleasurable driving. In addition, BMW ConnectedDrive offers a whole new world of possibilities for turning every journey into a thoroughly relaxing experience.

Information Plus


BMW Concierge Services can assist when choosing destinations and planning journeys. A member of staff is always available at the BMW Customer Information Centre to give detailed travel information and send your destination address directly to the car’s navigation system.

Real Time Traffic Information.

Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI), fitted as standard, provides you with the most up-to-date, highly-detailed traffic information at all times. Data is drawn from the mobile phone network, the GPS data of vehicle fleets, smartphone apps and police reports. It’s then analysed so that it’s possible to localise traffic congestion to the nearest 500 metres.

Camera systems.

BMW’s sophisticated camera technology allows you to manoeuvre your BMW safely into the smallest of spaces. Park Distance Control, Surround View and the Rear View camera keep you fully in control when parking and at road exits with restricted visibility.

Parking Assistant.

Easier parking is just a click away with the BMW 3 Series. The Parking Assistant option makes parallel parking simple, measuring potential spaces – even tight parallel parking spaces – while driving past at a low speed (below 35 km/h). When a large enough gap has been found, simply turn on the indicator and Parking Assistant takes over the steering, while you manage the accelerator, gears and brakes.

Active Cruise Control with stop&go function.

Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function maintains a speed determined by the driver, as well as the distance to the car ahead. In slow-moving traffic or traffic jams, the vehicle takes over accelerating and braking, and the selected distance to the car ahead is maintained. If a vehicle ahead brakes heavily, the BMW responds immediately when Approach Control is activated.

Delivered to your destination by the bmw 3 series.

With driver and passenger safety paramount, the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo offers comprehensive, top-level safety functions, including BMW Head-up Display, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function and Speed Limit Info.

BMW Emergency Call

BMW Emergency Call.

In the event of an accident, your vehicle will automatically send an emergency call. This direct link to the 000 emergency services works independently of your mobile phone.

In the case of a more serious accident, crash sensors in your vehicle will automatically trigger an emergency call allowing an agent to establish contact with the vehicle. Vehicle details and GPS data are also transferred, pinpointing the precise location of your vehicle.



Speed Limit Info keeps you informed of speed limits. It uses a camera to monitor relevant traffic signs and takes data from the navigation system, combines this information and presents it in the dashboard.

Lane Change and Lane Departure warning systems.

Lane Change and Lane Departure Warning adds an extra layer of safety to multi-lane driving. If you’re in danger of veering out of your lane unintentionally, you’ll be warned via slight vibrations on the steering wheel.

The camera-based system recognises vehicles ahead and warns when the distance is too short or when there’s a danger of collision. If another vehicle is in your blind spot, Lane Change Warning will gently vibrate the steering wheel and a visual signal appears in the exterior mirror housing.

BMW Adaptive Headlights

Adaptive headlights with High-beam Assistant.

When you’re driving at night, the Adaptive LED Headlights provide variable light distribution for city and motorway driving, while cornering lights shine deep into upcoming bends as soon as you move the steering wheel.  High-beam Assist lets you drive on full beam lights, automatically regulating their intensity as it detects other vehicles, so preventing other drivers being dazzled.

Dynamic Safety



When a critical road situation takes place, such as excessive under- or over-steer or when collision is imminent as detected by onboard cameras, BMW’s Dynamic Safety system pretensions the front belts and closes all side windows and the sliding roof, if one is fitted.

If a crash is unavoidable, the system applies the brakes automatically without you needing to react. The system brings your car to a standstill and the brakes remain on for 1.5 seconds, reducing the probability of secondary collisions.

The Attentiveness Assistant monitors your behaviour for signs of fatigue. Measuring your steering responses and analyzing them for irregular driving behaviour, it will suggest you take a break should you’re driving become erratic. 
Passive safety

Passive safety.

The intelligent safety measures in the BMW 3 Series are specifically aimed at minimising the risk of accidents – and ensure you are well protected at all times. Large-volume cross-members and the intelligent use of high-strength and ultra high-strength steels provide maximum stability for the safety bodyshell, while maintaining a low weight.

Impact energy is diverted to other areas of the bodyshell around the passenger cell, such as the underbody, side frame, bulkhead and roof, and absorbed by deformation zones at the front and rear. Reinforced structures in the B-pillar and sills, high-strength side-impact stabilisers in the doors protect from side impact.

The front of the BMW 3 Series has various devices to protect pedestrians too. In the event of a collision there’s a shock absorber between the bumper carrier and panel to reduce potential injuries, and the bonnet will deform to reduce the impact energy and act as a crumple zone.