BMW 2 SERIES Drivers' Assistance.

Like all BMW vehicles, the BMW 2 Series comes with innovation as standard. The BMW ConnectedDrive package allows the driver to fully focus on their driving experience. Helping you to park, maneuver and giving you warning of what’s coming on the road ahead.

Drive Assistant.

The Drive Assistant feature has a selection of technologies all designed to make driving safer for you and those around you. Lane deviation warning notes unintentional lane changes above 40 mph and alerts the driver by producing vibrations in the steering wheel. But if you indicate first, the warning is not activated.

In urban driving conditions, or in stop-start traffic, when collision either with another vehicle or a pedestrian is imminent, a stepped series of alerts are triggered, warning the driver in good time and even applying the brakes in emergency situations.

iDrive Touch Controller.

The iDrive Touch Controller lets you control the iDrive system with just one hand. Use the integrated touchpad to easily enter destinations and other key information into the navigation system. It can also be used to access and configure numerous functions and scroll through lists, such as choosing a music source or changing the volume.  All functions operated using the Controller can be seen in the Control Display.

Speed Limit Display

Speed Limit Display.

This piece of BMW innovation displays the current speed limit as well as information on no-overtaking zones. A special camera detects the relevant traffic signs, then processes the information and combines it with data from the navigation system to best advise the driver.

The system can also calculate variable speed limits – for instance in wet conditions or at different times of the day. This equipment is available in conjunction with the Business or Professional Navigation Systems.

Parking Assistant.

Parking Assistant takes the hassle out of parallel parking. When activated, the system measures any parking spaces you pass by at low speeds (below 22 mph). If suitable space is found, all you need to do is turn on the indicator and the Park Assist takes over steering, with you controlling accelerator and brake. During this process, the system provides directions in the Control Display and additional acoustic signals, for safer and less stressful parking.

Rear View Camera

Rear View Camera.

The Rear View camera allows you to view the area behind the car in the Control Display while manoeuvring and parking. Interactive track lines indicate whether the chosen parking space is big enough for the car and support the driver during parking by marking areas in colour on the Control Display.  A practical zoom function makes hooking up to a trailer simple.