2 Series Active Tourer


Fit your life into the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Transforming everyday tasks into enjoyable experiences, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer offers the  perfect combination of versatility, functionality and driving pleasure.

Its long wheelbase, short overhangs and high roofline give the car athletic proportions yet also create a spacious interior.

Eye-catching exterior design.

The design of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer proves you can unite functionality with beautiful aesthetics.

When viewed from the front, it’s the contoured bumper, low windscreen and high bonnet that immediately catch the eye. In profile, the striking lines create a dynamic impression.

The rear design, with large L-shaped lights and wide wheel arches, give the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer a sporty character. At the same time, the large boot with its low sill and wide opening makes for easy access to the luggage compartment.

LED Headlights.

The LED daytime running lights - fitted as standard - create a striking and unmistakable appearance. The LED headlights with cornering lights, optionally available for all variants but standard on the 220i, make night driving more relaxed and improve safety and feature bright and efficient bi-LED light for low- and high-beam headlights. The cornering lights also operate with LED technology, and provide better side illumination, useful in urban areas for seeing pedestrians and cyclists earlier.

Generous interior design.

The interior of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is geared towards space and a feeling of lightness. High-quality materials and interior trims in subtle colours, and combined with large windows create a light-filled atmosphere. Add the panoramic roof and light floods the cabin.

This sense of openness extends to the instrument panel, which appears to be floating independently; the elevated seat position optimises the view ahead, letting you take in more of the road.

There are numerous storage options throughout the cabin. The striking centre console, the inside of the doors and the central armrest all feature storage compartments.

The rear seat bench, which accommodates three people, is adjustable fore and aft, and can be folded down in a 40:20:40 split, providing versatility for whatever you might need to transport.


The materials in the cabin of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer reflects its sporty, modern nature. Innovatively finished wood surfaces combine with selected cloth and leather upholsteries to create a beautiful interior with a sense of space.

The interior lights package standard on 220i provides a stylish combination of direct and indirect lights, conveying a sophisticated lounge atmosphere.

Panoramic Glass Sunroof.

The optional panoramic glass sunroof opens up new perspectives. Adding to the light airy atmosphere, it features a roller blind to control the amount of brightness entering the cabin.

With slide and lift functions, the panoramic glass sunroof provides a variety of options for ventilation. If the sunroof is put into its tilt position, the sunblind is automatically rolled back to allow the desired airflow, while sliding the sunroof open enables the integrated wind deflector to rise.

2 Series Active Tourer head up display

Free-standing display.

Perfectly positioned, the free-standing LCD display adds to the modern, light feeling inside the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Perfectly positioned at viewing level, it can be combined with the (optional) Navigation System Plus to provide traffic information in brilliant quality in all conditions.

2 Series Active Tourer front and rear


Explore the first-ever BMW 2 Series Active Tourer in different colours from all angles.


2 Series Active Tourer with family


Whether it’s the whole family or bulky luggage, there’s room for everybody and everything in the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Adjustable seats, a luggage compartment with folding floor and countless storage possibilities enable you to alter the space available. Large doors make it easy to get in and out of the vehicle, and the boot with its contactless opening and closing function (available as an option with Comfort Access), makes loading easy.

2 Series Active Tourer opening boot

Contactless boot opening.

A quick, directed wave of the foot under the rear bumper allows the boot to be opened via a sensor. It then unlocks and swings open on its own. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key.

2 Series Active Tourer open doors

Front passenger seat with foldable backrest.

The front passenger seat’s foldable backrest is testament to car’s flexibility. The backrest can be completely folded down forwards, creating a virtually flat surface for longer items and sports equipment up to a length of 2.4 metres to be transported.

2 Series Active Tourer open boot

Loading in comfort.

To get your holiday off to a good start, you need to pack properly. The flexibility of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer ensures this is easily done. With its large doors, wide-opening boot, foldable passenger seat, adjustable rear seat bench and a luggage compartment floor that creates space seemingly out of nowhere, there’s plenty of space for all your luggage.

The rear backrests, divisible in a 40/20/40 split, make the vehicle even more practical. The three pieces of the rear backrest can be folded down individually, or in any combination. However they are arranged, the opening created is level with the luggage compartment floor, allowing for the easy transport of bulky luggage, or the comfortable seating of four people plus long items like skis.

Remote electronic rear backrest release makes it particularly easy to release the rear backrests and fold them down. With the push of a button, which are located on both the left and right sides, the backrests can be released from the luggage compartment. The left luggage compartment switch releases the segments that make up the left 40% and the centre 20% of the backrest. The right switch releases the segment that makes up the right 40%.

Adjustable rear seat.

The adjustable rear seat brings further versatility to the luggage compartment. The seats can be adjusted to either increase leg-room for the rear passengers or to maximise loading space in the luggage compartment, moving up to 130 millimetres via a handle under the seat.

2 Series Active Tourer open boot

Luggage compartment with folding floor.

The luggage compartment’s folding floor makes the vehicle even more practical. With the floor closed, there’s a level surface that can be loaded with up to 420kg. There is also further storage space located under the floor, with a volume of around 70 litres, and a practical storage tray for smaller items.