So that your BMW remains a BMW.

Your BMW provides top performance day after day and it is the interaction of the parts that is so important for the full functionality. This is why you should rely on Genuine BMW Parts: perfect performance is only achieved by precisely matching all of the parts to the requirements of each individual BMW model. You receive top quality and perfect safety.

BMW Genuine automotive parts at a glance.

Genuine BMW exhaust system.

A powerful engine contributes to sheer driving pleasure – but engine noise and pollutants do not. Genuine BMW exhaust systems provide better engine performance and lower consumption if weight is reduced. They also reduce pollutant emissions by around 90%. The typical discreet yet dynamic "BMW sound" – which is different for each BMW model – is retained.

Genuine BMW clutch.

Look forward to years of sheer driving pleasure: an Genuine BMW Clutch has been designed to last for around 120,000 kilometres and even then only produces wear of maximum 1.5 millimetres per side. It is also maintenance-free due to its hydraulic operation. Thanks to the high manufacturing precision, this Genuine BMW Part can also easily withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees Celsius. So nothing stands in the way of long, sporty-dynamic driving experiences.

Genuine BMW brakes.

In an emergency every centimetre counts. So Genuine BMW Brakes are individually matched to the model-specific interaction of such influencing factors as aerodynamics, ABS, chassis, bodywork and engine. Special composite materials stand for maximum braking safety and long life. These Genuine BMW Parts are tested time and again in comprehensive examinations and simulations. So that you can rely on them when it matters most.

Genuine BMW shock absorbers.

BMW relies on the sophisticated gas-assisted, double-tube design for shock absorbers. The shock absorbers, which are perfectly matched to the vehicle engine, are characterised by the improved ride comfort, finer response behaviour and lower noise development. The functional stability is also guaranteed even under extreme conditions: Even between -40 and +100 degrees Celsius these Genuine BMW Parts provide comfort and adequate safety reserves in the heat or cold.

Genuine BMW front windscreen.

Do not let anything distract you when driving. The Genuine BMW Windscreen guarantees ideal visibility and the functionality of the relevant assistance systems. Thanks to its perfect shape the front windscreen is watertight and draught-free; its special curve enables the windscreen wipers to remove the maximum amount of water each time it moves. This is the only way to ensure that all of the technical elements integrated into the windscreen – from the rain sensors to the BMW Head-Up Display – remain fully functional.

BMW exchange parts at a glance.

Genuine BMW Generator.

Small, light and powerful: An Genuine BMW Generator is a real performer. Able to withstand vibrations with an acceleration of up to 80 times that of gravity, stable up to a voltage of 350 volts, it offers a particularly long service life thanks to its sophisticated design. Each Genuine BMW Generator is precisely matched to the performance characteristics of a BMW and its solid construction makes it the ideal exchange part - with the same quality and performance features as a new part.

Genuine BMW Starter.

Maintenance-free for up to 50,000 starts, matched especially to each engine type for reduced fuel consumption and suitable for use even in extreme conditions: there is only one word to describe Genuine BMW Starters – reliable. Temperature-resistant from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius, perfect protection from corrosion and dirt due to their design and made from the highest quality materials.

Genuine BMW Water Pump.

An active contribution to maintaining the value of other vehicle components: Genuine BMW Water Pumps remain absolutely reliable even under extreme temperature conditions. Tailored to the specific engine, precisely machined and intensively tested, they are characterised above all by their long life. Even at 7,000 rpm and after 100 hours of continuous testing, they must not lose more than twelve gram of water. So the only time that you will see an overheated engine is when you pass one.

Genuine BMW Automatic Transmissions.

Sporty driving characteristics at the highest level: Genuine BMW Automatic Transmissions always use state of-the-art technology and have an optimum spread of gear ratios to offer a convincing display of acceleration. They have a higher starting torque than manual transmissions. All components are perfectly coordinated because this is the key to the typical BMW driving dynamics. And to make absolutely sure, one million kilometres of test driving precede every series release. How far do you want to drive?