BMW Australia


BMW ActiveHybrid models supply the full dynamics of a BMW and are economical cars at the same time. Find out more about the BMW ActiveHybrids within the BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series and BMW 7 Series model ranges.

The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 stands for innovative drive systems and EfficientDynamics. Its interior has been created with high-quality materials and features an extremely functional luggage compartment. The intelligent energy management of the world’s first BMW full hybrid sedan guarantees optimum interplay between the combustion engine and electric motor. Energy is only used when necessary, so you can enjoy an exhilarating driving experience. The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is also available as a Sport, Luxury, Modern or M Sport model.

For the first time, a hybrid drive provides the power for the BMW 5 Series, significantly lowering petrol consumption and reducing CO2 emissions. The BMW ActiveHybrid 5 features an intelligent drive concept that gives an idea of what to expect in the next generation of hybrid technology.

At last you can also savour the agility and performance of a BMW 7 Series in a hybrid vehicle. You can benefit from noticeable savings on petrol and CO2 emissions, without having to compromise in any way on comfort or spaciousness. The secret lies in BMW EfficientDynamics and the combination of a highly efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo V8 engine with high-torque electric motor, which either provides extra thrust or generates electricity during braking. This can then be used for the other electrical equipment in the vehicle or the next power boost. Like the BMW 7 Series, the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is also available as a long version.

Whether you are looking for a new or used BMW ActiveHybrid vehicle, you can find all the information right here. You can also locate your nearest dealer and request a test drive.